TBEX in Toronto

We are attending the annual travel bloggers TBEX conference, which is hosted this year in the city of Toronto.

We are thrilled to be meeting up with people who have the most incredible stories – last year we were inspired by a couple who took their two 10-year-old children on a bike ride from Alaska to… get this… Argentina!   We met an expert on Mayan Culture, a mom of 4 planning a three-month road trip, and a couple that spent 3… freaking… years… in Asia.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to fill our canteens with countless ideas to fuel our future travel plans… as if we needed any help.

Needless to say, we are in heaven. We spend the bulk of our lives thinking about places we’d rather be, but there’s no place in the world we’d prefer to be at the moment.

Rather than try to encapsulate everything we do and articulate our niche, we figured we would post some links to our favorite and most successful posts.  Some of them may not be entirely timely, but hopefully you find something you enjoy.

Come wanderlust with us!

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