Quick Trip to Vegas

It got dropped on me yesterday that I’m headed to Vegas for the next five days!!  Can’t wait for some 80’s because this Idaho winter is already starting to wear on me and it has barely begun.

We won’t be spending too much time in the casinos, because that wouldn’t fit the mold for two brother who are cheaper than most people you know.  The objective is to always get the trips for free, not to make them cost any more than initially expected.  That is exactly why we won’t spend too much time enjoying them.

Fortunately this trip will also be free, and we won’t be spending any miles to make the trip either.  Our trip is covered, so we don’t have to pay for anything, but we won’t have a lot of freedom either.  We also won’t accrue points for stays and riding the greyhound doesn’t earn points either.

The reason for our trip is to remind people to get out and vote.I love traveling to other countries, but I really do love America. There are two different directions in which the candidates want to take this country. Please study the issues and choose the person who will make America great. Remember to vote on November 6th!!

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  1. Gens says:

    Go Romney! 😉

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