Travel Map Video: Free Hotels in European Vacation with Marriott and Chase

This is how you use hotel points that you earn from a credit card to take a free vacation. This portion being shown here is how to use the Marriott Rewards program to stay in nice hotels in Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy.

Travel Map Video

Everyone has dreamed about taking a trip to the filming location of “The Sound of Music.” I haven’t even seen the movie, but just the pictures on the cover of the movie make me want to go there right NOW! It was filmed partially outside of Salzburg, which is also the birthplace of Mozart, whose masterpieces still stand the test of time.

Switzerland, Italy, and Austria were really blessed with impressive mountains. This trip is going to take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Alps. It also reminds me of the old “Ricola” commercials where they have the long horns that lay on the ground with beautiful mountains in the background. You all know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen those wonderful commercials and you’ll never forget how beautiful it looked. Take a trip there now and you won’t pay a thing thanks to the Marriott Rewards.

Venice is another part of this trip that will definitely tickle your fancy. I was shocked when I learned about two years ago that Venice is an island. I knew it had lots of canals, but ashamedly thought it was just on the coast. I’d be impressed if you also knew that the island was made from a marshy swamp a couple of miles off the coast. The Venetians sought refuge from Barbarians after Rome fell, and drove pylons into the marsh and built a city on top of the wood. Now you might be able to see how the city would be sinking, because it was built on silt, not on a firm foundation.

Learn more about these locations, plan your trip, and head out in the Spring for a trip of a lifetime. This Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card will help you to realize your dreams and to take the trip of a lifetime to Europe!

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  1. Danny Welsh says:

    This was a truly enjoyable read! I tend to get the wanderlust as well, and am always looking for ways to get free or discounted travel. Thanks!

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