How to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements

When I applied for my first credit card to acquire points and miles I was worried about meeting a $1500 spending limit and I had six months to do it.  Soon I learned that almost anything can be put on a credit card.  Meeting the spending limit has become increasingly easier as I’ve learned how to make it happen.  I’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help you meet the spending requirement.

Still worried about the spending requirement?   Here are a few ides of things that you can purchase to help you meet the spending requirement within the allotted timeframe without spending money you wouldn’t otherwise spend.

Meeting Credit Card Spending Requirements

  1. Pay Utility Bills ie: electricity, gas, sewer, water, garbage, etc. Most times this can be done without an additional fee and even in advance if necessary.  Sometimes I’ve prepaid my city bill for four or five months in advance when needed.
  2. Car Insurance: Most car insurance companies accept credit card payments.  Pay your bill annually rather than monthly.
  3. Health Insurance:  Many health insurers aren’t up to this yet, but there are a few.  PacificSource in Idaho allows for credit card payments on an automatic withdrawal.
  4. Life Insurance:  Once again, not all companies do this, but pay your bill in an annual sum to help increase your spending during the three months.
  5. Reimbursed Business Expenses:  Some lucky people out there can file their own business expense reports and be paid back for their expenses.  Anyone who has this option rather than using a business credit card should do this NOW.  Spend on your personal card for all business expenses then have the company pay you back in the form of a check.
  6. Cell Phone: Everyone these days has a cell phone, and most people have a data plan.  You can’t get one of these for cheaper than $70 per month.  There is no reason that this shouldn’t be put on a credit card each month to help you reach the spending requirement.
  7. Gas:  Every time you fill up the tank you need to score more miles.
  8. Restaurants:  Eating out can really add up each month.  If you’re currently paying cash or using a debit card, STOP IT.  The Sapphire Preferred will give you 2 Ultimate Rewards per dollar, so get a twofer!
  9. Home Improvements:  Most contractors these days accept credit cards.  Always ask them if it’s an option if there’s no added charge.
  10. Medical Expenses:  Even if you have a FSA, HSA, or HRA many times you can spend your own dollars, then file for reimbursement from the plan administrator.  Don’t let the dollars come directly from your account, you’re missing miles.
  11. Groceries:  Walmart takes plastic.  Always use it.
  12. College Tuition:  Not all schools will accept your Visa, but many will.
  13. Loan Payments:  Very few loans will allow you to pay them off with a credit card, but it is always worth asking.
  14. Travel:  Hopefully by now you’re flying for free and staying in free hotels, but there are scenarios where paying makes sense.  Always use a credit card to pay for your travel expenses.
  15. Dish Network or DirecTV:  Who doesn’t have satellite? (I might be the only one without it) Set this up on autopay or pay for a year at a time if needed.
  16. Store Gift Cards: If you can pay off the credit card, and know that you’ll be spending more money at “Wally World” each month, but a Walmart Gift Card to help meet the requirement, then use it next time you head to the store.
  17. Additional Cards:  Most companies will allow you to give a spouse a credit card on your same line of credit.  That way you never miss one $ because you are in two places spending money at the same time.
  18. Mortgage Payments:  This does have a fee associate, but might be worth doing for a month if you are close.  Use Charge Smart for this if needed (Thanks MMS)
  19. Rent: Williampaid allows you to pay your rent online, but does cost a fee as well (Thanks MMS)
  20. Car:  One car I purchased from a dealer that accepted credit cards.  I put the expense on my card and loaded up a few thousand miles.  Be careful with this to never allow your statement to close with more than 40% of your available credit utilized.  For example:  if your spending limit is $10,000, never let the statement close with more than $4000 owed on the card.  Pay it down before the close of your statement.
  21. Vanilla Reloadable Pre-Paid Cards: These are especially nice when you buy them at office supply stores with your Ink BoldSM with Ultimate Rewards card.
  22. Ask Siblings/Parents/Friends to Help:  I’ve asked family to allow me to purchase something for them and allow them to write me a check in return.  Be very careful as this might spark a fire in your family relationships.  It can be great if you have siblings with large expenses, but pay everything with check, cash, or debit cards.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to meet the spending requirement for this credit card.  Prepay a few expenses if you need to, but don’t let a spending requirement keep you from wanderlusting with us.

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9 Responses to How to Meet Credit Card Spending Requirements

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  4. amanda says:

    i love this! we aren’t NEARLY as savvy as you, but we travel “more” than the average person. people ask us ALL THE TIME how we do it- it’s relatively easy once you learn some tricks! putting everything on cards and paying them off (in our case weekly) is the main one for us. that, and letting the deal at that time dictate the vacation, not the other way around (people say, “my kids have 2 weeks off in july! we want to go to italy! how do we go free?” yah, that doesn’t always work so well:) we’re taking our 2 kids to disney world this week for cheap-cheap- i’ve commented before on this same free meal plan deal (which popped up again!), and we’re going for the 2nd time since last year. it’s not free, but we fly free and are spending the same amount for 9 days at disney world on disney property including food and park tickets for less than friends pay to go to disneyland for the weekend. travel rocks. thanks for all your tips, guys!

  5. bradleyjai says:

    Thank you, Amanda! Thanks for being a loyal WorldWanderluster! You make a great point – let the deal at the time dictate the vacation. That’s really the secret. There’s so much world to see, just be open to whatever opportunity might arise and you’ll see and do incredible things.

    On our trip to Italy, it just happened to work out that we’re in Rome the same day the Vatican allows people in for free. It just happened to work out that Rigoletto is showing the night we’re in Venice – my wife is crazy about Rigoletto.

    The world wants to give us adventures. Let’s take em!

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