WorldWanderlusting Photo Contest

Photographs are a frame of time and space – a moment, captured, to be kept.  Images unlock our minds and then shove them – shove them into the wide open space of imagination and hope and dreams.  Nothing induces wanderlust like a great photograph.

Rather than ask the question, “have you ever seen a place and pictured yourself there?,” I find it easier to ask, “have you ever seen a place and not pictured yourself there?”  Such is the power of these captured moments.

It’s our mission to make you, our army of wanderlusters, absolutely blood-thirsty with travel-desire – then we seek to equip you with the armaments of frequent flyer miles and points, voucher-tactics, and cheap-flight strategies.  But we don’t pretend to have a corner on the market of wanderlust-stimulation.

We asked for your photographs – your captured moments – in hopes that we, too, would imagine ourselves in different places.  And we got them.  We got far more than we could include, so we selected the “sweet sixteen” for you, our followers, to evaluate.

Please take a look, be inspired, and keep following WorldWanderlusting for a series on how you can put yourself in these pictures.  If you’d like to vote, please “like” our Facebook Page, then choose your favorite from the contest folder.


Make us wanderlust – post your favorite travel photo to our Facebook page.

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3 Responses to WorldWanderlusting Photo Contest

  1. karen says:

    Pls send me link to ur bog re: Europe trip with SPG points and travel info for this trip.
    Thank you sooo m uch!

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