British Airways 100k Avios Efficient Uses

The offer for the The British Airways Credit Card will help you to receive up to 100,000 British Airways Avios is nearing an end (July 17th).  While actually getting the full 100k miles is a tall order for most consumers (the first 50k you get right away, the second 25k come after spending $10,000, and the last 25k come after spending $20,000 in the first year).  But even though you may only land 50-75k Avios, this is a deal to look at seriously.

In its time, we’ve looked at two amazing ways to use these benefits, on flights from SLC to LAX, and BOI to SEA.  These are close in proximity to where we live, but here it is straight: if you live near any American Airlines hub (Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York City) and you like the idea of taking multiple trips or multiple people on a shor, this card is an absolute “must-have.”

As we’ve mentioned before, the best use is on short, direct flights, so I took the liberty of defining some of the best deals on routes for which to use these Avios.

Obviously these won’t make sense for all of you, but these are the kinds of flights that are perfect fits.

If you have other ideas, you can try them out with the British Airways’ Avios Calculator.

Tier 1 (4500 Avios)
From To

We summarized some other options, including potential international flights, in another recent post.   Again, we never expect you to be reckless in using your good credit to obtain frequent flier miles, but so long as you can be diligent in the way you manage it, this is an amazing way to buck the tendency to say the abhorrent phrase “I’d love to travel, I just can’t afford it.” (cringe and wince…)

Also remember that the annual fee($95) on this card is not waived for the first year… not really an issue when you save at least $1000 on flights, but still something to consider.

Here are some more details and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions or thoughts.

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