Hyatt Two Free Nights Credit Card

We’d love to spotlight a new Hotel Credit Card that you’re going to love.

Name of Card:Hyatt Credit Card issued by Chase Bank

Bonus: The Hyatt Two FREE Nights Credit Card offers two nights at any Hyatt property.  This is best used if you are visiting a city that is very expensive like Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, or Hong Kong.  The Park Hyatt Tokyo runs about $550 per night, so you would feel like an absolute king or queen for two nights.  The Park Hyatt Paris would cost an absurd $700 per night.  You could technically get $1400 of value from this credit card.

Extra Bonus: One free night per year that you pay the annual fee.  This must be a hotel that is in categories 1-4.  You definitely won’t be able to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris, but you still can get great value each year by having this card.

As a perk of having the Hyatt Credit Card by Chase you will also joy in immediate Gold Platinum Membership Passport.  This feature allows free in-room Internet at all Hyatt properties.  You will also receive a 15% bonus on points for rooms purchased with dollars.

Spending Requirement: None.  This card offers you the two free nights at any Hyatt upon approval.

Point Earning: 1 Hyatt point per dollar spent will be credited to your Hyatt account for most expenses.  You will receive 3 points per dollar spent at Hyatt hotels.  

Point Using: Your Hyatt points can be redeemed at  Below you will find a redemption scale to see how many points you will need to have a free night at each category.  You can search to see how many points are required for your favorite Hyatt hotel by using their Hyatt Hotel Redemption Search.

Redemption Scale

Point Expiration: The points don’t expire, but you have to use them before you cancel the card.  So make sure you  plan on using them within the first or second year.

Annual Fee: $75 per year

Foreign Transaction Fees: None.  As another benefit of having the Hyatt card it is a Smart Chip Card, which can be very useful when using the card in locations like Europe and Asia. 

Card Type: Visa Signature.  The Visa Signature has additional benefits here.

Card Issuer: Chase Bank.  Chase has been getting almost all of the new cards.  They have had the hottest offers and seem rather reasonable to deal with.

Summary:  This card is amazing for someone who has been planning a trip to Europe, and wants to stay two nights in Paris, but isn’t willing to part with $600 for two nights.  Why not just pay $75 instead?  This card is even great for the family who stays at Hyatt properties often.  I really recommend this card and the annual fee is virtually refunded when you stay one night in a Hyatt property each year.  I think this is an amazing deal.


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