Earn Frequent Flier Miles for Joining Netflix

Our goal is to provide easy, dependable, and quick ways to earn more frequent flier miles so you can spend more time exploring the world as a bona-fide World Wanderluster. This isn’t too many miles, but a few of the little promotions can really add up and build your frequent flier account.

It isn’t too many miles, but if you were going to join the popular Netflix service then you should consider using one of these links to sign up.

Delta Airlines

Let’s be honest. This is the least sexy option available, but here it are 1500 Skymiles for signing up for Netflix.

American Airlines
If you’ve been following our blog for any period of time you’ll know that I spend most of my time on American. In fact, I’ve flown more miles on American than all other airlines combined. Although 1500 AAdvantage miles isn’t a ton, it is still something for nothing if you were going to sign up for Netflix anyway.

Fine Print

There are a few rules that you have to follow, you can’t have already signed up for an account for your address. So use your business address or your grandma’s address and a different credit card than you’ve been using before and you should be good to go. That might not work so well if you have Netflix mail you the DVD’s, but if you sign up for the unlimited streaming option then it is a great option.


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