Attending TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange)

Brad and I recently signed up to attend the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) in Keystone, CO for 2012.  This is an event where hundreds of travel bloggers, companies, and travelers join together to learn more and to share what they know about traveling.

Here is a direct quote from their website explaining more:

Travel Bloggers/Writers are a unique breed of people, part explorer, part chronicler, all insatiable curiosity. But we are not all the same. Travel Bloggers have as many unique interests as there are places to visit around the globe. And TBEX is the perfect place to share your blog, pictures, experiences and to ask questions.

We’re excited to go and share our knowledge with others, meet new friends, and get more ideas that we can share with you.  We keep this blog partially as a hobby, partially because we would love to make some money from it someday, but mostly because we want to share our passions for traveling with you.  We want you to enjoy the watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat, hiking to the top of the Temple IV in Tikal, Guatemala, and more.


Brad on the BAR at Glacier

As Brad and I both purchased motorcycles last year we might be making the trip to TBEX on a motorcycle.  We have written about our “BAR” ride from the summer of 2011.  It was a blast, and we look forward to doing many more rides in the future.

The ride would be 1200 miles round trip, which is less than the BAR that we did last year that encompassed about 1700 miles.  I’m hoping that the weather is good so we really can make a ride out of it.  Either way we’ll be there, will you?

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