Why we love your comments

It is crazy to think that Brad and I started writing on this blog over nine months ago.  We’ve spend hours and hours doing our best to share the travel secrets with our readers.  Hopefully our secrets have benefitted you and your families.  We love hearing the success stories and how everyone else is going on amazing trips.  Keep them coming.  We are also willing to accept guest posts if anyone would like to explain deals that they have found.

We have found new friends through this blog and we have learned many things from our readers.  This is why your comments are so crucial.  We might not have all of the answers, but it is very possible that another one of our readers has the answer that you are looking for.  We would like to take a moment to say thanks for reading!

Thank you for the emails we receive from our readers showing deals that they have found and it is something that we try to share with the rest of our readers as well.  Many times you might get an offer for a special deal that alerts other readers to watch for the same deal.

Thank you for using our affiliate links.  Some of the links on our blog pay a small commission to us for signing you up on credit cards.  I promise you that we aren’t making millions.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve made about $0.50 per hour if you average it all out over the last year or so.  It does make it somewhat rewarding and it is fun to track how many people are able to score on the great deals.  The links are secure, so your information will be protected.

Thank you for all of your questions.  Sometimes we might not explain things super clearly and someone will ask for a clarification.  It is almost certain that if one person needs a clarification then someone else might benefit from additional information as well.  Your questions have caused us to write entire posts explaining how things work and other insider tricks.

A Few Things to Remember

  • Be very careful to take good care of your credit.  One sign on bonus isn’t worth paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Share.  Let your friends know about the deals that we’ve shown you.  They will be thrilled
  • Most of these deals require you to have a strong credit score.  It is also ideal that you have a few years of experience.
  • Keep your oldest credit card open.  It will benefit your credit score.
  • Never be late on a payment.
  • Never rack up a bunch of debt on things that you wouldn’t otherwise purchase.  Use your credit card as if it were a debit card.
  • Watch your credit score by using Credit Sesame.


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  1. Mike says:

    9 months? Great job guys! Love the blog!

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