Salt Lake Radisson Airport experience

I’m pretty excited about my hotel stay tonight. I’m staying at the Salt Lake Airport Radisson hotel. It belongs to the Club Carlson family of hotels.

I scored on Radisson’s Big Night Giveaway that we blogged about back in November when this promotion recently came out. They were celebrating the opening of the Chicago Radisson Blu hotel and they decided to give away 50,000 Club Carlson points to the first 50,000 people who registered for the promotion and then stayed in a Radisson hotel before December 31st. Luckily this hotel was having a 25% off sale to drop the nightly price to $66 after taxes.

50,000 points can get you three free nights at certain hotels. Essentially you pay for one night on this promotion and then you get three free. This equates to about $16.50 per night in a great hotel.

I found the deal and alerted my brother. He, in turn, told my dad and another brother (there are 4 of us) about the promotion. In the end we all ended up planning on coming down to Utah for the weekend on the same weekend.

We all plan on eating at Tucanos tomorrow for lunch. Those who don’t know about Tucanos are all missing out. It is a Brazilian churrascaria. They bring you all of the meat you can eat and they have a huge salad bar too. Their roasted pineapple is the best. They sprinkle some cinnamon on it and roast it on a spit. Pretty much it is heaven on earth.

My phone isn’t too friendly on posting pictures so I’ll have to do that when I get home.

Who else took advantage of the huge Radisson promo? Let us know how you liked it.

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2 Responses to Salt Lake Radisson Airport experience

  1. amanda says:

    we did! we stayed at a radisson in cleveland last weekend- we actually stayed 2 nights, one in my name, another in my husbands. now we should each receive the 50K points, and in turn, stay 3 free nights in orlando this february (points are higher right by disney, but we’re ok with that…). love this strategy stuff:)

    • Sheldon says:

      Congrats on the Club Carlson points. My wife and I have almost 110,000 burning a hole in our pockets. Make sure you check out Brad’s post about using them in January so you can get a 9,000 point refund for staying at a Club Carlson hotel in the month of January. What a steal!!

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