American Express Small Business Saturday

Don’t let this easy offer pass you by.  Last year I was the owner of one measly American Express credit card and my wife didn’t even have one.  Last year American Express wanted to thank all of the small businesses who accept their credit cards.  Their idea……Give every American Express cardholders a $25 statement credit for anyone who spends over $25 at a merchant who accepts American Express credit cards.  (You have to register using their registration link too).

Saturday the 26th of November 2011 is the next Small Business Saturday.

I saw this as a great marketing event for American Express.  My brother and I got on the phone to call a few local companies to ask them if they accept American Express before we went in for dinner.  We tried a couple of locations and I can only imagine that everyone else who registered for the promotion did the same.  All of the sudden local companies get a ton of phone calls asking them if they accept American Express.  (Cha-Ching)

At the time my brother invited me to dinner (As it wasn’t going to cost him anything) to a local restaurant.  Later that night my wife and I went shopping and she picked up a shirt and a bracelet that put the total purchase over $25.  Within a week Amex had already credited our account the $25.

This Year

This year is going to be different.  Now my wife and I both have a Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and I have my Blue Sky from American Express(R). This means that we will be scoring $25 per credit card, for a grand total of $75!! Thank you Mr. American Express!

We haven’t lined out our purchases quite yet, but I’m sure we will eat at a local restaurant next Saturday night, and then go shopping for some Christmas gifts, or we might even treat ourselves to a massage. Who knows?

Prepare for the American Express Small Business Saturday by scoring your own American Express Credit Card. I recommend the Starwood Preferred Guest from American Express.

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