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Our avid readers number in the hundreds, but we’ve only managed to scrape together 50 fans on Facebook thus far.  Because Facebook fanhood is the modern-day popularity contest, we’re ramping up our efforts with a little shameless self-promotion.

WorldWanderlusting holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created explorers, and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unquenchable thirsts, that among these are history, adventure, and the pursuit of unique cultures.

Paying to pursue these objectives is often difficult with so many other demands tugging at your billfold – which is why we’re trying to help you build up an arsenal of frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points simply by carefully and effectively managing your credit as you seize opportunities provided by zealous marketing campaigns.  If you’ll stick around, we’ll show you how you can go from wanderlusting to wandering, and we’ll also point you to many other bloggers who are discussing these very same issues.

If we have a niche, it’s in trying to give you ideas for once you’re “in-country.”  We’re not as well-traveled as we’d like to be, but we’ve seen a good chunk of the world and learned (sometimes the hard way), what to do and what not to do.  If you’re after something different than the all-inclusive resort experience when you leave the country, then bookmark us in your favorites.

If you’re reading this and enjoying it, we already consider you a fellow wanderluster, and we’d like you to “like” us, and then tell your friends to “like” us, who will then tell their friends to “like” us.  It’s like a chain letter, but instead of winding up with stacks of letters with dollar bills, we end up with lots of “likers” on Facebook and a broader audience to share our travel tips for cost-conscientious wanderlusters around the world.

We’d also welcome you to follow us on Twitter, though admittedly we’re light on Twitter posts.

We appreciate your continued interest and invite you to send us any thoughts or suggestions as to how we can be more effective in providing information that pushes you past the brink of daydreaming about travel and makes you go through with it.  We also hope to be useful in your planning.

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