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As I prepared for my current trip I was concerned about where to stay.  I hate the idea of parking at the airport and getting nothing in return.  I’ve talked before abou the Park and Fly option, but most hotels that are close to any airport will have that option.

The Park and Fly is the way for hotel companies to earn more guests by allowing them to park their car at the hotel for a two week maximum for free while the guest is on their trip.  Hotel companies win because they already offer the shuttle to the airport, and they get more rooms.

My two options are to stay at the Salt Lake Sheraton by using by recently acquired Starpoints, or to pay for the hotel with my Capital One Venture card.

I’ve acquired about 60,000 Starwood points and I’ve been considering using the points required to stay at the Salt Lake Sheraton for my trip. As counter intuitive as it may sound staying at the Sheraton requires 3000 points on a weekend night, and 4000 points on a weeknight. I would have thought that it would have been different, but I thought wrong.

The other option is to stay at the Baymont Inns and Suites in West Salt Lake., which came highly recommened from one of our readers Amy. She has stayed their multiple times and recommeneded it with two thumbs up. I looked at their website and it looks like they offer all of the amenities that I’m looking for:

The Baymont Inn belongs to the Wyndham group of hotels. Although it might seem insignificant to sign up for their Wyndham Rewards program I’ve realized that I have stayed in four of their properties within the last year.  I could have been racking up points already towards a free night at their hotels had I have taken 5 minutes to join their program a year ago.

So don’t delay, always accumulate the points.  It doesn’t hurt to join the program start accumulating points.  I have missed out on quite a few points opportunities had I have started earlier on some programs. So for your next stay make sure you enroll in your hotel reward program.


Enroll in the Starwood program and score 25,000 points for spending $4500 in three months with this great offer from American Express.

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