Shark Diving in Roatan

When we started researching what to do in Roatan, one thing jumped out as an absolute-must-do… Diving with Caribbean Reef Sharks. We arranged it through Sueno del Mar, the place we stayed and did our other dives. All of our scuba experiences there were beyond amazing, but this one even more so.

They have it arranged to provide a maximum feeling of safety. You descend on a mooring line to a sandy area backed against a reef wall. The sharks are all around, but somehow the feelings of awe overcome any feeling of fear. The sharks move through the water with agile ease… like they own the place… and they do.

Watching them is just an incredible site, and our divemaster felt comfortable to invite us to leave the sandy area and swim around with them. It was a surreal experience. They were taking video, but we opted not to buy it, knowing that YouTube is already flush with other peoples’ experiences just like ours.

Here’s a video that will give you an idea of just how amazing it is.


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