No More 75,000 AAdvantage

I got word yesterday that the AAdvantage 75,000 has officially expired. I hope that many of you were able to pick up a quick 75,000, 150,000, or if you were really wanderlusting 225,000. It was a great offer and many more great offers will come in the future. We just need to be patient.

Check out our Frequent Flier Miles Credit Card page to watch for new cards that come out. Now that you all have so many airline miles you need to start a stash of hotel points. The new Marriott card looks really appealing, and I always love the Starwood Preferred Guest card.

Anyone want to tell us a story of how they used their AAdvantage miles as a eulogy for the great offer?

Right now they have lowered the spending requirement on the Starwood Preferred Guest card. Get it now and earn up to 25,000 as a bonus!

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