Midway Car Rental in LA

If you’re ever headed into LAX, or really anywhere in the LA area, I’d urge you to take a look at Midway Car Rental.  If you’re looking for a really cheap rental, they’ve got it.  If you’re looking for a really nice rental at an affordable price, they’ve got that, too.

In a recent search, I booked a Premium Car for the price of a Hertz Economy Car – $60.  That way even a cheapskate like me can justify riding in style.  Well, let me clarify that – when I called in to ask what the fleet of Premium Cars were, the lady started listing them: A Volvo S-80, Audi 8, MINI Cooper… I stopped her dead in her tracks and asked her to guarantee that I wouldn’t end up with the Cooper.  She laughed and told me that they were actually really popular, but not to worry about it.

One time I flew into Ontario and another car rental company tried to give me a PT Cruiser… which wouldn’t have even been so bad, but it was literally banana-yellow.  I wasn’t having it and offered to downgrade myself, but ended up landing a convertible Ford Mustang… not a bad trade, if I do say so myself.

Thanks for wanderlusting with us.

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