US Bank Flexpoints Bonus Card

Today when I went to my local branch of US Bank I noticed a flier that was sitting on the counter. I’ve taken a picture of the flier and included it below.

The offer isn’t out of this world, but it is a great offer from a bank that usually doesn’t have stellar offers.   US Bank doesn’t have any ties to any specific US airline, and hasn’t since the Northwest and Delta merger a couple of years ago.  They still offer a card that gives points through LAN, but that is a separate offer.

As I understand the flier it looks like this:

  • Spend $2500 on the card within the first 5 months of card membership
  • They bonus you an additional $17,500 points for meeting the initial spending requirements.
  • This gives you a total of 20,000 Flexpoints. This equates to $400 in airfare. It also gives you $25 credit for baggage fees.

The flier isn’t too clear, but it seems as though there is an annual fee of $70, but that is still unconfirmed. It is also unclear if the annual fee is waived for the first year. It also specifies that this offer will only be honored in branches, rather than being offered online, so it might be tough for those of you who live in areas where there aren’t any US Bank branches.

The offer expires on the 4th of October, so there isn’t much time on this offer, but it looks like something that I’ve never seen before.

Also remember that these points aren’t transferable to an airline, therefore you have to use the points before you can cancel the card. So make sure you plan on traveling within the next year to make sure that you avoid paying the annual fee in the second year.

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5 Responses to US Bank Flexpoints Bonus Card

  1. Richard says:

    1. check your email for a rotated pic.

    2. US Bank issues LAN’s credit card. LAN’s program works in kilometers and US Bank issues you miles. :-O It would be nice to know what they’re talking about…

    • Sheldon says:


      1. Thanks for the picture being rotated. It was really weird because it was originally oriented the right way, but when I uploaded the picture it turned sideways.

      2. You are right and I forgot. US Bank does issue a LAN credit card. That card offers you kilometers that are directed to LAN. This card however, is a card that only gives you points that stay with US Bank. So there are two different cards that have different offers. This one in particular gives you the points and can then be used to purchase your airline with any carrier. I hope that clears up some of the confusion.

  2. Richard says:

    My confusion was (is?) with how US Bank talks about earning _miles_ with their card but LAN is in _kilometers_.

    I get their flex card. it’s their version of the cap1 venture or chase sapphire.

    • Sheldon says:


      I’ve never notice that before, but maybe they give you miles. They are worth a lot more than kilometers, maybe they will give you the conversion. That means that 20,000 miles would be worth 33,200 kilometers. Hahah. I’m sure that they wouldn’t do that, but you’ve found an interesting error on their end.

      Nice work on finding that.


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