Boise State Broncos

Today is a big day for my Boise State Broncos.  We have a lot to prove.  For the first time in history we are not the underdog in a game facing a team from the SEC.  Boise is starting the season ranked 5th on the AP poll overall.  This game will be the determining game for the Broncos this season.

They will be facing the Georgia Bulldogs on a “Neutral” field.  It just so happens that the game will be played in Atlanta, about an hour by car for the Georgia Bulldogs, and about 24 hours from Boise in a car.  Call me one-sided, but that doesn’t sound like a neutral location at all.  Last year the same thing happened when Boise faced Virgina Tech in Washington DC.

As an avid Boise State fan, my brother Brad made the trip out to Georgia yesterday and he is preparing to watch the game in person.  He will be wearing orange and blue, and will be cheering for the Broncos.  I’ll be on the couch at home, wishing I were in Atlanta.    I’m rather jealous because they also went to see the Atlanta Braves play a baseball game tonight, and then the plan on visiting the Coke museum before the game tomorrow.  So jealous!  There is so much to see in this world.  Don’t tell yourself that you’ll never get to see the things that interest you.  Start wanderlusting today by getting a great card that will offer you free travel. 

Plan to visit the tulip gardens in Amsterdam during the spring, ski the alps, eat gumbo in Louisiana, or cross the Siberia in a train.  Start accruing miles so you can eat pizza in Naples, ride to the top of the Eiffel tower, eat clam chowder in Boston, or see the northern lights in Alaska.  All of these can become realities.  Just allow yourself the time and patience to get great deal and all these can be yours.

I love watching professional sports wherever I go.  I’ve watched the New York Knicks, Yankees, and Mets all play at their respective fields.  I’ve also seen baseball in Arizona, and Washington, and watched basketball in Utah, and San Antonio.  There is something great about cheering for the home team that makes life exciting.  I’ve yet to do it, but I would love to watch a live soccer game in Barcelona, Liverpool, or Milan.  I’d love to watch a hockey game in Boston or Vancouver.

When you travel somewhere, and get a chance to visit with the locals, you always feel a bond with the people.  Try to break out of your shell when traveling to visit with people to learn about their histories.  Tonight I met a nice gentleman at a local hot spring and listened to his life story.  The people are part of what drives me to be a wanderluster.  I’ve had dinner with complete strangers in Thailand and Russia. 

Go Broncos!! Wanderlust with Us!!


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