Screaming Deal: $750 from Idaho Falls or Boise to Shanghai, China

This is one of those “every once in a while” fares that must be pounced on.  I just happened to search tonight and found some incredible fares into Shanghai.  I first came across the opportunity on the flyertalk fares search on  Never trusting, I also checked and then went straight to

As of tonight, you can book a flight from IDA or BOI to PVG for somewhere in the neighborhood of $753.  The dates I’m using are November 1-15, but I’ve also seen those fares tonight in October, as well.

Of that total, roughly $417 is taxes and fees and the remaining $336 is the actual fare… pretty incredible for a round trip to Asia.  I looked at a flight earlier this month and couldn’t have gotten to Spokane for that price.

If that weren’t enough reason to celebrate, consider that you’ll earn somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,500 Delta Skymiles on your trip… in other words, this is also a “buy two cheap-ass flights to China, get one domestic flight free” kind of deal.

Wow… I’m frantically seeking a babysitter.  Do any of our readers want to earn some extra cash in November?  Can you tolerate 4 hyperactive children?

Along these lines, in the past, we’ve seized these kinds of opportunities to take us to some amazing places.

We flew from SLC to Belize for $220, to Panama for $280, and to Costa Rica for $270.  These deals come every once in a while, but you cannot wait… let your wanderlust overtake you and book this thing while it’s still available.  Then tell us about it!


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5 Responses to Screaming Deal: $750 from Idaho Falls or Boise to Shanghai, China

  1. Karen says:

    Wish I had been following you guys earlier. Bought plane tickets from SLC to Shanghai (for September) for $1200 each just a couple months ago. We could have brought our kids along for your price! Hopefully I’ll be paying A LOT less for flights from here on out.

    • Sheldon says:


      Thanks for your interest in our site. We try to work hard to present ideas so you can afford to travel with the family.

      Did you purchase your ticket on the website? If you did, they have a Best Fare Guarantee that might work for you. I think that Orbitz has a similar option too. I would look to see if the dates that you flew are a lower price than when you booked. If so, then I recommend that you contact whoever you booked with to try to get your fare lowered.

      Make sure you take a snapshot of your screen to show that you did find the flights at a lower rate for your exact same itinerary. Match up every leg of the flight and make sure you have everything exactly the same. Not guaranteed, but it is worth a shot. Hint: If you have Windows 7 you can use a tool called snipping tool that will help you to take a picture of your screen. If you have a mac then you press Command, Shift, and 4 at the same time and select the area that you would like to save.

      Hope this helps. Best of luck.

      • Karen says:

        We didn’t buy through Delta (major bummer). We are flying United, because they were the cheapest at the time. I guess you live and learn.

        Thanks for your website. It’s going to help make our future travel much cheaper!

  2. Jaime says:

    any ideas on where to search for the best price on flights from SLC to Hawaii? Wanting to go there and possibly take the kids. I did order the Starwood card for hotels, thanks so much for that information!

    • Sheldon says:


      I’m glad that you scored the Starwood card. I think that it is a great deal. I can’t wait to start using some points. I’m already drooling at how to get to Europe and use them. 🙂

      I love Kayak Buzz if you are using a specific destination and you plan on paying for the flight. They will send you a daily email on the rates to a specific location for the month that you desire.

      To use the Buzz: Click on “Lowest Fare in the upper right hand corner. Then enter the airport destination. Choose the month or leave at anytime however you wish. Then put the maximum $ amount pretty high. Then click “Search.”

      In the left column there is a link that says “Track Fares by Email.” Click on that and set it up so you get daily emails on the rates for going to your destination. You can add another airport, or just a general part of the world.

      Hopefully this helps. Thanks for your support of our blog. Having questions makes it more fun.

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