Banff and the Canadian Rockies

I suppose I’m guilty of the assumption that travel destinations increase in awe-inspiration the further they are from home.  Yet, in practice, I find that it’s far from the truth.  I’d put the serene lakes of the Boulder Whitecloud Mountains in Central Idaho against any other beauty on earth.

So I’m not sure why I find it such a surprise that nothing could have prepared me for the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  I was excited about our motorcycle loop and I expected to be wowed, but I figured mountains were mountains.  Oh how wrong I was.

It’s as if God were angry when he began to carve those mountains into the earth.  With utter disregard for suitable angles and pitches, the peaks rise with sharp, jagged edges.  While you might expect a few dramatic summits here and there, you’d never imagine there would be such a profusion of

And yet to temper the ferocity of the scene, he filled the valleys with placid lakes and meandering rivers of a color so clear and blue, you might mistake it for the sky.  An abundance of wildflowers cover the ground floor in yellows and purples, striking a contrast to the deep, luscious green that covers all but the most exposed peaks.

It is a veritable wonderland, and it’s hard to manage anything that can truly compare.  I’m sure I would enjoy the view from the comfortable seat of a car, but seeing it from the seat of motorcycle, with nothing to do but to ponder the wonder of it all, I was in a state of genuine peace.  It’s that feeling that provokes the wanderlust.  It’s a feeling of deep satisfaction that everyday life doesn’t bring.  I suppose I’m addicted, but so what?

If travel is your vice, as well, we hope will help you seize the opportunities to descend further into reckless abandon.  Casual travelers, we suppose, are welcome as well, but we’re looking to build an army of travel-zombies, anxious to take the world by storm.

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