Blog update

We’re working on what will be a pair of totally amazing trip report posts – one from our recent motorcycle ride through Banff and Glacier National Park, and one from Tyler’s escapade to Jordan with stopovers in Amsterdam and Paris.  Keep your eyes peeled for those, as they’re both sure to have you anxious to get wandering.

Also, maybe you have noticed we’re changing the hosting on our site.  We’re trying to make some adjustments that will allow us to post video, use javascript, and other web-geek terms that we use without really knowing what they mean.

We’re loving the way our blog and our following is coming along and we are anxious to keep sharing any travel tips and ideas we come across.  If anyone is interested in making a guest post, please let us know.

If you haven’t applied for the Starwood Card, you may want to jump on that opportunity before the offer expires on August 22nd.  We’ve made a number of posts on where it might take you.  If you have any questions about this card, any of the trips we’ve mentioned, or anything else, we’d love to correspond with you.  Just post a comment on this blog or send us a message.

Thanks for wanderlusting with us!

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