Airport hotels

Here is a great idea about how you can save on your airport parking:

Before you pay the horrific fees at the airport for parking call around to airport hotels to see if you can park there for free while you are on your trip.

For example, I’ve stayed at different hotels close to the Salt Lake airport and paid $60 for the night in the hotel and then left my car in the hotel while I was on the trip. Normally to leave your car at the airport and then pay $7 per day while you are gone. That means that if you are gone for 7 days you would pay $49 in parking fees at the airport. Wouldn’t you rather pay an additional $11, get a night in a hotel, and free breakfast in the morning?

Keep in mind that the Salt Lake Sheraton, which is a Starwood Hotel, will allow you to leave your car there and shuttle you to the airport for free. They will pick you from the airport when your trip is over.

This is a great choice. Do the research and find an airport hotel that will allow you to stay there and leave your car.

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