Award Wallet Promo Code

You can upgrade for free to AwardWallet Premium service if you use the promo code: free-dqevtv.

AwardWallet is a great invention.  The guy who thought of that had a similar idea to the person who created  They both help you to consolidate your life into one login.  Sometimes I feel like our “Smartphones” actually make our lives even more difficult.  We need to simplify our lives and this is the way to do it for the frequent flier.

This service consolidates all of your travel logins into one place.  It logs into all of your accounts and shows you your balances of how many miles that you have with each of the companies.  If you’ve always flown on one airline then you don’t need this service.  This helps the world wanderluster who has so many accounts with different companies that it is hard to remember all of your logins and when your points expire.  The great thing about Awardwallet is that they help you to remember so you can be certain that you never allow your points to expire.

This is a snapshot of my AwardWallet account.  Sorry that the font is a little small, but I wanted to show you how it works.  It is so great to have all of the accounts in one place.
Keep in mind that you might have children who have accounts with all of the airlines too.  This is the BEST way to consolidate all of your accounts.

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