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Tonight I was visiting with two of my friends at a party and they were commenting on this blog.  They were mentioning how they have taken advantage of the American Airlines 75,000 Citicard deal.  Bryan and his wife both scored the Citi card and they have almost both met the spending requirements.  They both are drooling at the potential places that they can go.  Their excitement has reignited my flame to share this information with other people.

He also mentioned that one of our other friends, XXXXX, also hit the same American Airlines deal that gave him 75,000 miles.  XXXXX and his wife took a vacation to New York to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  Before scoring the Citi deal he never thought he was going to be able to do anything very special for their anniversary as they were a little tight on income.  Using the card for his everyday spending made it possible for he and his wife to enjoy a trip that never would have otherwise been possible. It didn’t cost him anything out of his pocket to fly there, just a little bit of discipline to make sure that he paid it off each month.

Heath, another friend, totally scored the same deal by getting two of the cards for his wife and two for himself.  This means that he took home 300,000 AAdvantage miles for his family.  He has used these miles to take his wife and children to Costa Rica, and is already planning another trip in the future.  All of this for spending a few dollars on a credit card that he would have otherwise spent on a debit card without any benefits.

Starting this blog has really allowed me to share this information with a lot of friends.  We try to focus a lot on the importance of taking good care of your credit so we feel like we are really teaching people about the good deals, and their credit at the same time.

We take a rather conservative approach to the using credit cards approach.  I know many people who are applying for 10+ cards a year per person.  I’m sure that it might not drop my credit score by 100 points, but I still care about my credit.  I want to make sure that doing this doesn’t hurt me. 

We would love to hear about your success stories.  Share with us if you’ve had the chance to get a good card and how it has benefited you and your family.

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