Frequent Flier Deals

Every once in a while I want to evaluate some of the best deals available right now. Here is the list in my order of value:

This card has been great to me.  I’ve scored this deal three times amongst my wife and I.  We have enough miles that will carry us for days.  We are still always watching for the next best deal though.

Downside:  Man, it is tough to have a downside when they are offering so much.  It is an over the phone application, and they could end the promotion at any time.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred-No annual fee for the first year-50,000 Bonus points that can be transferred to Continental or a few other carriers-Awarded once you’ve spent $3000 within 3 months.

The additional 50,000 is dead at this point.  I don’t see them brining it back.  At one point they were bonusing people up to 100,00o points mark, but they have stopped that at this point.  This is a great deal on 50k miles.  The card itself actually looks really cool.

Downside: Points aren’t transferable to all airlines.

This offer either must be referred to you, or wait until the 26th and we should have the link for this offer.  If you’ve thought of any hotel card, this is the one to get.  Their hotels are very nice, and using the points can take as little as 2000 per night.

Downside: You have to wait until this offer comes out, and then you have to spend up to $4500 in six months.

This usually would equate to 2 free flights within the US.  Great deal.  Southwest takes your bags without charging and they still offer snacks and drinks.  Something that nobody else does.

Downside: First year fee.

  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines– $75 Annual fee- You are awarded 40,000 bonus miles upon approval.  You also get a $99 companion certificate that can be used on flights to Hawaii or Mexico.  This is an annual benefit.

Great deal for people who love to go to Hawaii or Mexico.  You’ll easily get your value each year out of the $75 annual fee.

Downside: First year fee.  Bank of America also has a lame process where they put inquiries into multiple credit reporting agencies.  On top of all that, if you are not instantly approved for their Visa Signature card, but approved for one of their lesser cards, they will send you the lesser card.

Am I accurate?  What would you change? Where do you see value or downsides that I haven’t included?

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