Kilimanjaro – The new site header photo

Some of you may have noticed the new header on our site.  This is a photo that I took on our 2010 ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  We were getting ready to crawl into our tents on the second night on the Machame route when the sun cast its last rays over the Shira cone and the gap between us.  Photos don’t often, if ever, immutably record the immensity of the beauty and the feelings of awe that accompany the sight, but this one comes close.  These are the moments without which life is incomplete.

We booked the tour on and were aided by a very competent and friendly team of guides, cooks and porters.  It was a tremendous challenge and an unforgettable experience.  I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’ll wait until someone comments to the effect that they’d like to hear the details.

This photo replaces the 
Ortelius Typus Orbis Terrarum (world atlas) which previously graced the homepage of  I am infatuated with the Ortelius Atlas for a few reasons.  First, it represents the yearnings of ancient explorers – eager to discover a world which was far less homogenous than the one we have now.  Also, Abraham Ortelius was a Familist.   His beliefs that love and religion are one and that God and mankind are in partnership shine through in symbolism in the map.   Finally, the quote by Cicero (of whom I am an enormous fan) says something to the effect of: “Who is he, to whom human affairs seem great, when one contemplates the Earth in all of its glory?”

Keep wanderlusting with us.

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