How I Became a Frequent Flier Mile Pro

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t born with the knowledge that I’ve obtained about being a Frequent Flier Mile professional.  In fact, I need to make a confession.  At one point I even allowed my AAdvantage Miles to expire.  I have since learned that allowing your frequent flier miles to expire is one of the seven cardinal sins.

I’ve always been a wanderluster.  I have always loved to travel.  When I was a young child I used to tell my dad “Wherever dad goes….I go.”  I have always watched for great travel deals, but never understood how to fly for free.  My diligence in watching for good deals has paid off a number of times.  I’ve gone to Panama for $230 round trip from SLC, sent friends and family to Costa Rica and Belize for $250 out of SLC as well,  amongst other great deals.  It seems like things seem to taste better when they are free though, right?

Last September I caught the wanderlust.  I must admit that the frugaltravelguy was the source of my inspiration.  He talked about the 75,000 American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier deal for months.  I watched him diligently and made a calculated decision to jump.  I’m a pretty skeptical guy and I was very proud of my 800 credit score.  I didn’t want to do anything that might hurt my credit.  Little did I know at the time that it had a very small and very short lived affect to my score.  Since then I’ve done lots of research and watched a lot of people hit great deals.

After I got the 75,000 AAdvantage deal I was excited because I had almost 100,000 frequent flier miles in the bank.    After I had met the spending requirement I decided to apply for that same card for my wife.  When she was approved and we met the spending requirements I was ecstatic.    I told everyone that I knew about the deal.  I’m sure that my friends and family were bored to tears about me talking about the deals that I had hit. I would be that between Brad and I we hooked people up with over 50 cards.  Some people took our advice, others mocked with various credit fallacies, so it was a mixed bag, but it sure was fun to share.

I felt a great deal of satisfaction in helping others create memories that last a lifetime.  I know how much traveling has helped me to mature and love other people, and that is one of the best gifts that can be given.

My brother, Brad, was just as excited as I was.  Before we knew it we were both applying for cards on a very calculated basis so we could start racking up the points and miles.  Between he and his wife, and my wife and I we’ve scored  over a million frequent flier miles and points in the last year.  This site is dedicated to helping you acquire millions of frequent flier miles too. We want you to take free trips with your spouses or your families.

We will teach you about credit, points, airlines, and so much more.  Our goal is to help you to become a professional frequent flier.  We want the TSA officials at your local airport to know your name.  We want you to put more pins in the map of the places that you’ve gone, and we want you to do it without having to pay.

Obviously there is a potential for us to make money along the way as well.  Whenever possible we ask you to use the links that we provide.  This will ensure that you will continue to get great service and feedback.  We will always attempt to answer your questions and research things we don’t know.  Drop us a line and we will be here to help.

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