Updated Credit Score

I logged onto my Credit Sesame account today for the first time in the month of July.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my score had climbed from a 806 to an 808.  It didn’t cost me anything to get the score, but I know that when the next hot card comes out I’ll be able to hit it up without any worry.

I was reading through their blog that they have and I saw a story about receiving the credit score from your lender.  It appears as though our Frank and Dodd have done a great thing for the American people by making their credit scores available to them when applying for a loan.  However, it seems as though their work didn’t help the people who have good scores.

They are only willing to share your score with you if you meet one of the following criteria:

1.  If a card issuer raises your APR on an existing account because of your score;
2.  If the lender uses a custom score that only uses credit data as the input and that results in a denial or adverse approval;
3.  If the lender uses multiple scores to make a decision and any of those scores meets the FCRA definition of a credit score (they have to disclose the credit score), and that results in denial or adverse approval;
4.  If the lender has denied a loan because of a score;
5.  If the lender has approved the loan, but used Risk Based Pricing because of the score. (I.e. the consumer has been approved for a loan, but at a higher interest rate or fees than those offered to other customers.)

So for those responsible people out there the legislation doesn’t do anything to help you.  Keep in mind that Credit Sesame doesn’t provide you with the whole report, you have to go to annualcreditreport.com to get your full report.  This only provides you with the score.  It is updated monthly and doesn’t provide the full report.

My brother had a conversation with someone yesterday who put it like this: “Gotta love putting the 800 credit scores to use.”

3000 AAdvantage Miles for Shae from the Appraiser

Today I read on MillionMileSecrets about how he scored 2500 AAdvantage miles for signing up for the American Airlines emails that come to his inbox.  I was very intrigued by the post and tried for myself.  After inputing my AAdvantage member number the Appraiser told me that I didn’t qualify for the program.

I was pretty disappointed with their decision, but I decided to put my wife’s AAdvantage member number to see if she qualified for the deal.  Instantly the told me that she qualified for up to 3000 AAdvantage Miles.  I was jealous, so I went through the process and agreed to the terms and conditions and they told me that within 4 months I should score the miles in her account.  Thanks Daraius for the heads up.

Groupon Has Added Travel

Check out Groupon’s new travel link.  They have teamed up with Expedia to give great deals on hotels and vacation packages.  Thanks to dealswelike.com for this one.

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  1. bradleyjai says:

    4000 AA miles for appraising my email along with my wife’s! Not bad for a day’s work. I figure that’s worth about $100 if it will get me almost 1/4 of a RT domestic ticket if I use my Citi Aadvantage card to get the 17,500 deal.

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