My Boy Max

Well, I know that this doesn’t have much to do with traveling at this point, but it is all that I can think about.  My wife and I had our first baby on Thursday at 1:00AM.  He made his grand entrance to the world and the first thing that the doctor said was, it looks like both of his pipes work.  I  guess that when he was coming out he was peeing.  That hasn’t been the last time he has peed without a diaper on.  He has probably peed 10 times in his life and 5 of them have been without a diaper.  The cool air must give him the incentive to let it all out.  Hahah.

We are already planning his first trip.  We are headed to Tennessee to visit family in November.  The trees will be changing colors and it will give us a nice test run to see how possible it would be to take him along on a bigger trip.  I’m hoping that we don’t run into problems at all, but you never know.  It was great that I had the AAdvantage miles from the 75,000 Citi card offer.  That has supplied me with miles that will last a long time.  We generally fly coach, and haven’t had the luxury of flying business or first class.  Maybe sometime we will have to get some status with a carrier so we can get upgraded for free.

Having a child is quite an experience.  After watching the whole process I’m even more convinced that God exists.  There is no way after watching the whole process that I could tell you that he doesn’t exist.  It is amazing how it will change things for my wife and I who have been married for over three years.  We’ve had some adventures, and more are to come, but the next few adventures might be a little different.

Life is a ride, and I can’t wait to see the curves that come in the future.  There are a few things that are certain, which are the fact that whatever comes our way in the future we will still travel.  We’ve made it a decision.  This method of hitting great credit card bonuses is making it all possible.  I look forward to our next few trips all the time.  Lately I have been rather occupied with my family as there have been some urgent needs, but we will get back in the saddle soon.

Max is the cutest little boy and I’m not exaggerating.  I can’t wait for him to catch the wanderlust.  His room is all setup for him so that he can begin learning early.  I can’t wait to start showing him the map with all of the places that we have been and also to dream about the places where we’ve yet to go.

Wanderlust with us.
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4 Responses to My Boy Max

  1. Congratulations – he does look cute!

  2. Mommy Points says:

    Congrats! Having a wee one does change the travel game, but for us it has mostly been in a good way. Having a baby is such an amazing, life changing, and overwhelming experience! He is a cuite!

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