Credit Sesame Offers You A Free Credit Score Check

I was so excited to get the approval to put this offer for a free credit monitoring service called Credit Sesame out here for all of you to use. If you’re a fellow wanderluster and you’re going to be gaming the system to get the reward bonuses to make your travel dreams come true, you need to sign up for this free service. It will enable you to monitor your credit score with Experian, which normally costs $15-30 and requires some ridiculous monthly commitment. 

I signed up today and got my free credit score instantly. I had been worrying that I might have gotten carried away as I had obtained five cards in the last 9 months. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my score is still strong at 806.  So, for all those haters out there that have told me I’m crazy or dropping my credit score like a madman -eat my 806!!

After seeing my 806 and confirming that I’ve still got a great score I feel like this is working better than I had imagined.  I invite you all to consider the methods that we’ve taught on the blog to help you to pack your awardwallet with benefits the same way my wife and I have. Use CreditSesame to get your free Experian credit score.

Obviously CreditSesame is trying to get business by giving you the credit score at no cost. The reason that they are able to do this is because they use your information to show you how to save money on your current payments by consolidating, or by writing your loan with a more competitive bank.  The advice that they give takes some time to process because they want to see what options that they can come up with that will allow you save money on your current payments. Here are some highlighted points of the services that they offer.

  • Free Credit Score, Updated Every Month
  • Complete Debt & Loan Analysis
  • Personalized Savings Advice on Your Loans and Debt
  • Easy-To-Customize Alerts That Help You Lower Payments & Save
  • Your Complete Financial Picture In One Organized Place

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