Let the Wanderlusting Begin

This post is a special feature by Tyler Christensen. Expect more.

As a fellow, yet not nearly as established wanderluster, I myself have stepped up my game, and planned out a little getaway of my own. I live in the wanderlusting shadows cast by the expeditions of my big brothers, Brad and Sheldon. Green with envy, I listen to their stories on the exotic places they have been, and incredible experiences they have had, and I hope and dream to also have some sort of contribution to the all of the excitement.

At 22 years old, I look back to three years ago, and fantasize about the trip I planned (but never made) to Egypt with my best friend to visit his family, riding on camels through the desert with the Great Pyramids in the background to visit the gem-encrusted burial chambers of Pharoahs, yet because of my inaction, I have nothing but an empty chamber in my memory. I let the best opportunity that perhaps I will ever have to live an Egyptian experience pass right on by me.

With the benefit of hindsight, I meet today and tomorrow with a different perspective.

Us Christensen boys tend to veer from mainstream, cliché vacation spots and wanderlust on down the not-so-beaten paths. Driven by desires to experience real and exclusive culture rather than the obviously popular choices, and perhaps because of the fact that we are bred with Christensen DNA, which means that if we can get a similar (but better from our perspective) experience for cheaper than normal, we mosey on down the less traveled road. These paths have lead us to Costa Rica instead of Hawaii, Puerto Morelos instead of Cancun, or Zihuatanejo instead of Acapulco.

I myself have opted to deviate from the ordinary getaway and wanderlusted my way to the Middle-East -the cradle of civilization in the Kingdom of Jordan. I’ll be indulging in the amazing architecture of Petra, or the relaxation of floating in the Dead Sea engaged in a good book has been under-estimated, and highly overlooked by our fellow wanderlusters. But that’s not all I am getting from my trip. From a previous entry made by my brother, I was informed of the commodity and blessing of the “multi-destination” option when searching for a flight.

Considering I have never been further east than New York, there is a lot I still want and need to see on the other side of the globe. Since I am not flowing with cash or free time, I must take advantage when and where I can. So I worked in a night and a day to see the sights in Paris on the way to Jordan, and coming back home I have 3 days to roam around Amsterdam. In case you are having a hard time grasping the reality of this wandergasm, it most certainly is a 3-in-1 combo package.

Because I’m still early-on in my credit-building history, I don’t have a store of miles stashed away yet, so I’m spending some hard-earned cash. I booked this two-continent, triple-destination, 22 day expedition on short notice for only $1633 with the help of my travel-savvy brothers and www.Kayak.com. When it’s all said and done though, I will have almost 20k to add to my Skymiles account.

Come the 17th of July, I will not just be sitting, wishing, and wondering; but I will be living my dreams. My advice to you, is simply to act and not let your opportunities pass you up. Keep following this blog and we will have you well on your way to joining us in discovering the beauty of God’s creations. Please, wanderlust with us.

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2 Responses to Let the Wanderlusting Begin

  1. Ashley Jensen says:

    Awesome plans Ty! Sounds like the perfect adventure.

    • Sheldon says:

      The best part is that the ticket would have cost him $1540 without the stopovers. That means that our hard work and perspiration payed off. $100 to see Paris and Amsterdam. I’d call that a steal!!

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