Photos from our trip to Medellin, Colombia

If you’re only now stumbling across our blog, I’d point you back to my post a little over a month ago where I told the story of how I was taking my family of six to Colombia for 150,000 credit card bonus frequent flier miles and $574.

We’re back now, having had an incredible series of experiences that melded our family together, helped us appreciate our blessings, and gave us a fresh perspective on life.

We chose Colombia despite many peoples’ insistence that it was unsafe or inappropriate for family travel.  In fact, we got to the point to where we had to tell people we were going to Disneyland instead of Colombia, so we didn’t have to explain ourselves while receiving “the guilt stare.” Blowing money on having your kids meet cartoon characters is much more socially acceptable than a foreign culture experience.

If you take the time to look over our photos, I think you’ll see why we feel very satisfied with our decision.

We chose Colombia, but the miles we earned from applying for those cards could have taken us to many places.  It’s amazing how a little bit of due diligence and careful credit management enabled our young family to have the kind of global travel experience we’ve always dreamed of.

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4 Responses to Photos from our trip to Medellin, Colombia

  1. Sandra Condo says:

    Nice pics! I’m going to Colombia but I’m not to sure about Medellin, not because of the news or what people think about the city but because my husband loves water and I don’t see any activities or attractions that offer a pool. Do you know of any place that we can go to a pool or a river to have some water fun? something besides the hotel pool of course.Any help you can give me will be highly appreciated .

    P.S if I decide to go to Medellin it will be Oct 28 to Oct 31.

    • bradleyjai says:


      Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. If you’re into water activities, I’d urge you to go to Guatape, just a little over an hour from Medellin. Guatape is absolutely flush with lakes and water activities. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, they’ve hosted waterskiing world championships there. It’s essentially a green Lake Powell, with hundreds of narrow channels, islands, and beaches. El Penol is right in the middle of that area and the town of Guatape is very idyllic and historical.

      Thanks for wanderlusting with us and have fun in Colombia!

  2. Sadly, Medellin will always carry the stigma of drugs and violence. However, those who venture to visit almost always find it idyllic. I am glad that you and your family enjoyed such a lively region of Colombia!

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