Delta 50% Bonus

As I’ve mentioned before my wife and I are expecting our first child who should be joining us within the next month.  My wife wishes that he would join our family tomorrow or tonight, and seeing the size of her belly I’m hoping he does soon because she is about to pop.  We were putting the finishing touches on his room tonight and I was pondering the purpose of my next post.

My wife was the one who actually came up with the theme for his room.  I wasn’t opposed by any means, rather I was excited.  I felt like it fit so well as we both have the wanderlust.  She decided to do a travel theme.  We went online and bought the crib set, a lamp, and found an awesome mobile to go above his crib.  Tonight our final project was a world map on his wall.

It might be a little hard to tell in this picture but we put in the pins from all of the places that we have visited in the world. For me personally it came to 23 countries. I felt like I was an experienced world traveler until I saw a few pins in a large world. I told my wife that I needed some Prozac as I contemplated all the places that I haven’t been. I guess that the thirst for travel might never be satisfied, it’s the unquenchable thirst.

For all of those wanderlusters out there, how many countries have you visited?  Make a comment and let us know.  Leave a list of them if you would really like to wanderbrag.

Our little boy, who at this point will probably be named Max, is set for a few trips before he has even actually joined our family. This little boy has visited five countries already and we are planning another trip where he would visit five more. The first five might not count for him as he was still in the uterus, but who says they don’t?

Delta Offers a 50% Bonus on Transfer Points

This is great news for all of you that have taken advantage of the The Platinum Card® from American Express.  The The Platinum Card® from American Express offers you 25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1000 within the first three months. Delta will offer you a 50% bonus on those points, which would actually bring your points awarded for this card up to 37,500.

You must register for the bonus using this link.  Remember that this card gives you other benefits like airport lounge access for you and your guests.  Now your layover can be enjoyable, not sitting in a hard chair, but taking a shower and lounging in luxury.  It will also provide to you $200 of Airline Fee Credits annually to cover incidental charges on your airline of choice, including checked-baggage fees.

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