American Airlines 75,000 AAdvantage Citi

I’ve told you that I hit it great on this card. It appears as though it is still available. I saw this phone number on The Points Guy’s website. It appears as though people are having success applying over the phone with Citi. As it isn’t my link I say do it under your own precaution.

The phone number for the card is 800-408-4954. Tell them you want the 75,000 AAdvantage offer and they can help you when you call. That is what Mai told me who answered the phone when I called. You could always try to double up and get two different cards by applying about an hour apart and hope you don’t get the same phone operator. That could get you up to 150,000 AAdvantage miles.

Once again, it’s not my link, so I can’t verify anything or guarantee the promotion. For all I know it is a clever scheme to steal your identity… Good Luck. For a more Sure thing that will still help to build up your arsenal, go for something that is sure…

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  2. Kalboz says:

    I’d like to pull the trigger on this one but have some questions. My last AA Citi MC account was approved on 3/23/2009. I have had all three personal cards (Visa, MC & AMEX) which are all presently closed by me. Last closure was the Citibank Visa on 8/15/2010. My last AA Citibank application denial was on 3/20/2011, reason given although Citi solicited my application without the mention of “first-time” language :

    This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)
    / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.? Our records indicate that
    you previously had a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.

    So I guess 18 months from March 2009 won’t work because I was denied in March of this year. Then, I will try again in 18 months from August 2010 … February 2012? Does this sound right?

    • Sheldon says:

      Kalboz, The problem with Citi is that they are SO inconsistent. I have the Citi Visa card and had made all of the spending requirements on it and about 6 months later I applied for the Citi Business Visa. I was instantly approved and have been racking up points on it as well. I still have both of them in my wallet now. It’s crazy

      I have heard of other people who have been denied for trying to apply for both. I really think that it is a mixed bag. Theoretically it says that you can’t get the same offer more than once because it is to new cardholders, but I really feel like you still could score it. I’m not sure that they have a time frame, just depends on who looks at the application. Hahhaha

  3. Collin Beck says:

    I called and a recording said the offer isn’t available.

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