Bargains on Bargain Travel

One of the nicest benefits of flying for free is feeling frivolous enough to indulge a bit while traveling.  The beauty of such frivolty is compounded when you’re able to find ridiculously good deals while abroad. 

I still shudder with joy when I think about the $35 suit I bought in a clearance sale I stumbled across in London. 

Which of the following would you believe I’ve indulged in over the past few weeks?

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  1. Thirty minutes of paragliding over an amazing mountain setting, lush with greenery and a gorgeous waterfall for $44.
  2. A hand-tailored, made-in-Colombia men’s business suit for $119.
  3. A mock-Hublot rose gold watch for $16, (bargained down from $35).
  4. Restaurant meal platters to satisfy even the hungriest of wanderlusters for $3.50.

The answer, of course, is all of the above… I say with a wide grin.

These too can be yours.  We hope our posts are nourishing your wanderlust like kindling to a flame.  We’re urging you to participate in the wonderful world of bargain travel.  Please use our links when you apply for cards to obtain frequent flyer miles, or we’ll point you to other sites if there are better offers out there.

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