Frequent Flier Saving

Our goal is to help you to travel as much as possible, while still making it affordable.  I know we are all on budgets and the downturn in the economy has taken a toll on our incomes.  Mine has taken a hit from the PPACA healthcare bill.  I know that I don’t want the economy to change my traveling goals.

We are lucky enough to both be working at the current moment.  My wife has been working for a little over a year. We weren’t sure how long she was going to be working so from the beginning we wanted to make sure that we would not get used to her income and make that a part of our monthly budget.  As a result we had decided that we would save the money she earned.  Part would go toward fixing up our house, part toward a newer car, and part toward traveling.  It has been nice because the account just slowly fills up and when we have accumulated enough in the account we take a trip.

This has worked great to budget money for a trip each month and planning forward.  It is amazing how it adds up so quickly and you can plan a trip on a yearly basis as long as you are funding the account sufficiently.  The best part is that WorldWanderlusting is helping you to take a trip at least once a year.  We have the credit cards with sign up bonuses that will help you to afford traveling once a year or even more often than that.  Imagine taking a cruise and not paying for the expensive airfare to get to Puerto Rico (Which I did before I discovered this method of traveling $500/person OUCH!).  That means that a cruise for two might cost you $1000 between the two of you which would definitely include sight-seeing, tips, cruise, and souvenirs. That’s only $83.33 per month for one year.  Fix up the budget and fit it in.

So here is how you make it happen.  You both sign up fo the Delta Skymiles Platinum Card (See Below).  This will each give you a sign on bonus of 20,000 miles.  You only have to either add two more cardmembers (one child and one spouse) and then you are at 25,000.  This card also allows you no checked baggage fees, which would be a savings of $100 for both of you in fees.  Then look for a great deal on a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale or Miami in November, December or January.  I say these months because everyone wants to leave Idaho during that time of the year.

So, go open a new savings account.  Give it a nickname like “Get out of Idaho in November,” “Sacred Funds,” or “Trip Jar.”  Start saving today so you can get out of town tomorrow.

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  1. bradleyjai says:

    Great post, Sheldon. I love the ending… and the getting out of Idaho in November part.

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