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Q: What’s better than getting someone to take care of your house for free while you’re gone on vacation?  A: Staying at their house for free.

Yep, it doesn’t just happen in the movies.  You can actually swap houses with fellow wanderlusters around the world.  That’s right, not only are we showing you how get airline tickets essentially free by exploiting generous frequent flyer credit card offers, we’d also like to demonstrate how you can save thousands of dollars in lodging costs, and truly experience another culture as a local.

How is that for cost-efficient and travel-savvy?


Worried that people might trash your house?  While that’s certainly a possibility, there are few people who would travel around the world with the objective of leaving your house a disaster.  Chances are, they’re just like you – daydreaming of faraway lands and pinching pennies to someday get to them.  They’d respect your property just as you would theirs.

Are you afraid that no one would want to exchange homes with you because you live in a place with only 2 months of summer and a constant 35 mph wind?  While you’ve got a good point, don’t count yourself out yet (but do contemplate moving).  Help potential swappers find an inexpensive way to get to where you are.  Make up an itinerary of some of the most interesting things you’ve done in your area.  There are compelling reasons to travel just about everywhere.

While there are many sites which list home exchanges, my personal favorite is  www.exchangezones.com.  You can post your own property and browse homes around the world for free.   I’ve had email conversations with people who live in France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Colombia, and Peru.  I’ve planted seeds that someday I hope to reap. In the meantime, why don’t you reach out to someone and make it happen?

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