Currency Fluctuations

I’m taking my family to Colombia next week for an extended working vacation – something I’ll elaborate further on at a later date.  Today my musings will be limited to the shrinking purchasing power of the US Dollar.

As I’ve watched the value of my dollars steadily lose ground to virtually all world currencies, and the Colombian Peso in particular, more than once I’ve had the thought that I’m doing this wrong.  Over the past  month, I’ve taken about a 6% haircut on the exchange rate.  In other words, a month ago, I’d have gotten 1875 Colombian Pesos for every dollar, where today I’ll only get 1760.  That’s exactly the opposite of what a cost-concious wanderluster ought to be doing.

The better course of action would be to seize the opportunity that surfaced in Iceland a few years ago when a currency collapse transformed the tiny island misnamed by dubious vikings who preferred that others steer clear of their idyllic haven.  In 2007, You’d have gotten 60 Icelandic Kronas for your dollar – today you’ll get 111, and at one point in 2008, you’d have gotten almost 150.  Essentially what this means is that your Icelandic vacation in 2009-2011 is on 50% off sale from 2007 prices.

If you’ve already had enough of currency graphs, please allow me to provide some wanderlust-Viagra in the form of these stunning photos of the Iceland landscape.

If you still haven’t had enough, and you’d like to see the most phenomenal Iceland photos around, visit

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