Kayak Buzz

Kayak Buzz is a tool that has helped me to find some amazing deals on airline tickets. Obviously flying for free is best, but second best is getting a great deal.  This tool has helped me to find a few deals that are unbeatable.  I found SLC to SJO, and BZE for $250.  I also found SLC to PTY for $230.  Let me show you how to work this tool.

Go to www.Kayak.com

Click on the More button as shown

Then click on Buzz which is the second from the bottom on the first column.

Once the menu pulls up, you can put the from location and also the to location.  You can use more than one airport in the “From” category.  Separate the names of the airports with a comma.  Also choose anytime as the leaving date.  Also make sure you input a Max Price amount.  This is something that you will be getting in your inbox everyday, so make sure that it is something worth looking at each day.

The results will show all prices for your parameters.  Use the “Get this by email” at the top to setup email alerts from the Buzz.  I watch them daily so I have a good idea of what a price should be in the scenario that I might have to actually pay for my airline ticket.

Watch for good deals.  Everyday things change and prices change.  Sales come around from time to time.  Make sure you don’t miss them.  This tool should help you to find some great deals.

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