Eating in other countries can be very exciting, yet nerve racking at the same time.  As you travel the world be careful of the places that you choose to eat, and the foods you choose from the menu.  Here are a few important key ideas:

  • Water- Remember that asking for ice in your cup usually doesn’t mean that the ice is purified water.  I’m not that afraid of the water in most places, but my wife is terrified.  Make sure you read about the places that you go before you go to make sure that the water is potable.
  • Salad-Remember that green salads aren’t cooked, and they are usually washed in water.  Make sure that you exercise caution in ordering a salad.
  • Local Food- One of my favorite things about traveling is trying the local fare.  Always ask locals where they eat.  Those locations will almost always have local foods at lower prices.  They might not look like a five star restaurant, but their food is probably affordable and good.  The dish you see on the side is called a Casado and it is from Costa Rica.
  • Coke-  I love drinking Coke outside of the USA.  Most countries have different recipes,yet they are all pretty similar.  I also feel like it is pretty powerful stuff that can kill some bacteria. (That is my excuse to my wife)
  • Fruit- I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica where we stopped on the side of the road to buy oranges and mangoes.  They showed me how to cut the mangoes, which was a huge help.  I’ve always been confused as to how those things are to be cut.  If you eat fruit in another country you know it is fresh.  Try to wash it to remove anything that might be on the outside.

Make sure that you leave the “All-Inclusive” resort or hotel if you have one of those to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the local fare.  We will be sponsoring different foods from all over the world on this blog, so follow us as we take you on an adventure.

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