Getting off the Ground

Our objective is to help you find an affordable means of traveling.  We will use airline miles, credit cards, expertise, and other methods to help everyone to travel the world.  We all share a common passion, now we just need to make sure that it happens.

Brad Christensen will be the main contributor on the blog.  He graduated from Boise State University, and has had real world experience as a speech writer for a prior Idaho governor. He is married and has four children.  He is booking his first one month trip with all four of his children as we speak.  He will write more about this.

Sheldon Christensen has been traveling for exactly 10 years.  It all started when I took a trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2001, and hasn’t changed since.  I’ve been to Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, and to the Pacific.  I speak English, Spanish, and Guarani (A native dialect from Paraguay).  My passion for travel has grown and I can’t wait to get my next trip underway at all times.

Together we plan on bringing you some non-traditional ways of traveling that will allow you to travel at a lower price, thereby allowing you to travel more frequently.  So, just as you wait for the plane to taxi before it takes off; buckle your seat belt, return your tray tables, and put your seats in the upright position, we are read for takeoff.

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